Flight Team Hoodie

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Mary Jackson. Katherine Johnson. Dorothy Vaughan. The three intelligent women who helped send the first human-being into space. This was accomplished during the 1950s when gender biases were the norm and when racial tensions were high. This speaks to the level of strength these women possessed in order to overcome the obstacles they faced.  Recently, these women have been highlighted and brought to pop culture fame through the film Hidden Figures.

This is only an abridged version of the story. Even if you can't buy a hoodie, I encourage everyone reading to do more research on these exemplary women.

Black women are a treasure to the universe, and have stories that must be told and preserved. Help keep the legacy of Mary Jackson, Katherine Johnson, and Dorothy Vaughan alive through this hoodie. They truly are sweethearts of Black History.

Front hoodie logo features the saying "Progression Flight Team. Black Girl Magic Division. Past. Present. Future. Support Our Sisters."  Back of hoodie features large 3-D font reading "BLACK WOMEN ARE THE FUTURE"
All hoodies are printed in men's sizes. 100% cotton. 100% awesome.