Bayard Rustin L/S

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The most important shirt in this collection is the Bayard Rustin L/S tee. Rustin was a Gay, Civil Rights activist who was often forced to take a reduced role during the Black rights movement because of his sexual orientation. As a result, he became what I consider one of the most important ghost writers of that very movement. He acted as a mentor to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and was the chief organizer of the 1963 March on Washington. After the passage of the civil rights legislation during the mid-1960s, Rustin focused on economic issues of the working Black class. During the 1980s, he became a public advocate for LGB causes. Rustin taught us a lot about intersectionality. It is important to acknowledge every identity that makes us who we are today. INTERSECTIONALITY IS IMPORTANT.

This is only an abridged version of the story. Even if you can't buy an item, I encourage everyone reading to do more research on this exemplary man.

Front shirt logo features the prgrssn logo with the words "Intersectionality is Important" below it. Back of shirt features Bayard Rustin with the words "GAY RIGHTS ARE HUMAN RIGHTS" below the image. 

All t-shirts are screen printed in men's sizes. 100% cotton. 100% awesome.

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