Akoma Hoodie

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The “Akoma” hoodie was designed to celebrate our African ancestry. Akoma is the symbol of patience and tolerance. Though the heart shape is a universal symbol representing love in all its forms, it is also an Adinkra symbol which originates from West Africa. As an Adinkra, the heart shape represents “patience” and “tolerance.” In Akan, “Nya akoma,” literally translates to “Get a heart.” This is often said to remind loved ones to take heart—be patient.

This is only an abridged version of the story. Even if you can't buy an item, I encourage everyone reading to do more research on this symbol.

Front hoodie logo reads "AKOMA IS THE  HEART. SYMBOL OF PATIENCE AND TOLERANCE. LOVE IS LOVE." Back of hoodie features large font reading "LOVE IS LOVE" with the definition of Akoma within it.,

All hoodies are printed in men's sizes. 100% cotton. 100% awesome.

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